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Looking for change in your life? Wanting to find better ways of coping with stress and anxiety? Wishing you could access more calm?

(Registered with the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teachers)
tel: 07957 742561 or 07557 037043

Mindful Outlook offers mindfulness-based courses which can help you address the difficulties you might be facing right now.

At Mindful Outlook we offer courses which have been shown to help people discover new and effective ways of coping with:

Emotional issues Health problems Home/Work relationships The constant demands of life
Low self-esteem Lack of confidence Lack of energy and motivation Negative thought patterns

Based in Cheshire, we run courses, working with groups or individuals, to enable them to gain more from life and learn to deal more effectively with its many challenges. We have both undergone training in the teaching of mindfulness with Bangor University.

We can look at mindfulness practice as a way of becoming ‘tuned in’ to our minds, thoughts, emotions and feelings. This enables us to have greater control over the way we respond to life’s challenges and to achieve more harmony and contentment.