“Do you treat this moment as if it were an obstacle to be overcome? Do you feel you have a future moment to get to that is more important?” Eckhart Tolle


“Having been under some considerable stress from work, home and from dealing with an elderly mother, it seemed just the right time to 'try out' a mindfulness course.

We met for 2 hours on a Tuesday evening and had a diverse group of people with similar issues, which made for some lively and enriching discussions. Knowing that you are not alone and being able to befriend people who were undergoing similar personal changes proved to be a very valuable experience.

Since attending the course I have found that I am much more aware of my own mental, emotional and physical states and how deeply connected they are. I am now much more in touch with my immediate reality and also what is truly important in life, so as a result I am a happier person both at work and home.

The course has helped me to develop many practical mindfulness skills and techniques that I can fit into my daily routine. Now that I have really 'connected' with Mindfulness, I find myself automatically using the skills I have learnt whenever I encounter difficult or stressful situations.

Jan and Jo are truly inspirational leaders with a wealth of information and practical experience which they impart with kindness and humour.”

James – Wilmslow

“A year ago I was in a dark place. Then I discovered Mindfulness and can honestly say the benefits I have received as a result have helped me turn a corner.

I spend 15 minutes each morning practising. The more I do, the easier I find it. To know it's always there and I can dip into it throughout the day is comforting.

I have learned acceptance. Also appreciation for what I am lucky enough to have, so have found contentment. Happiness is wonderful but fleeting, contentment, I hope, lasts.”

Penelope, Macclesfield

“The initial benefits of attending the Mindfulness course included, most notably, better, more restful sleep and the ability to quieten those unhelpful, unwanted thoughts. Wonderful! But the further benefits I received, after committed practice over a longer period, have gently lead me to number of deep and meaningful insights the like of which I would never have experienced. And I am hugely grateful for that.”

Avril, Altrincham

“Jan and Jo's eight-week course is an excellent introduction to the practice of Mindfulness. I found it hard work but rewarding. Regular practice has given me a degree of control over my reactions to the stresses, strains and catastrophes of life which I have never been able to achieve before.

"The proof of the pudding is in the eating", as the saying goes. To experience the benefits of Mindfulness it is necessary to practice it regularly and incorporate it into your everyday life. That is what Jan and Jo teach you to do.

The practice of Mindfulness has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. It has been shown to be as effective, or even more effective than drug therapy and talking therapies in the alleviation of the anxiety and depression that dog so many lives. It empowers you and leaves you in charge of your own life and well-being.

I strongly recommend this eight-week course. It could change your life, it did mine.”

Stephen, Wilmslow

"I had discovered Mindfulness like a majority of people through reading books and felt by practising, it would really support me in my everyday life. I also felt I needed a course with trained teachers to guide me. Jan and Jo of "Mindful Outlook" provide a wonderful eight week course where not only do they guide and encourage you with the practices, but also truly inspire you. They also provide half day events post-course to keep your practice fresh and to encourage you to keep it going.

Mindfulness has not only helped me personally but, has also given me the opportunity to meet so many inspiring people across the Mindfulness community. I truly recommend their course as it will encourage you to make time for daily practice as part of your life."

Ann, Hazel Grove