“ One should eat to live, not live to eat" Benjamin Franklin

Mindful Eating
“Open yourself to the joy and delight, the richness and splendour, of the simple acts of eating and drinking, so that you can find true, deep and lasting satisfaction with food and enjoy eating throughout your life.” Dr Jan Chosen Bays

How many of us find ourselves eating when we are bored, stressed or lonely? How many of us could say we have a healthy relationship with food and eat only when we are hungry? And how many of us have turned to all manner of diets, only to discover that no sooner have we lost the weight than we start to put it back on again?

So how might Mindful Eating help? Put simply, Mindful Eating teaches us how to tune in to our hearts, minds and bodies through a variety of practices that enable us to develop a new and healthy relationship with food. Jan Bloor and Jo Bentley are experienced teachers of Mindfulness who have undergone an intensive training with Dr Jan Chosen Bays, a medical doctor and Mindfulness teacher, who pioneered the Mindful Eating course and who, along with co-trainer Char Wilkins, has achieved great success with it in the US.

If you wish to find out more about Mindful Eating and discuss whether it may be the right way for you to learn to develop a more healthy relationship with food then please call Jan on 07957 742561 to find out more about one-to-one courses and group workshops.